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Sisters of Mercy

utstanding Christians Who:

· Love and reverance all God's creation

· Respect all creeds, cultures, and traditions


uilders of Faith and Civic Communities Who:

· Take responsibilty for their actions

· Understand the value of service to others

nformed Individuals Who:

· Utilize technology

· Demostrate effective skills in communication, analysis and problem solving

elf-directed Persons Who:

· Exhibit self-discipline and self-confidence

· Manifest growth and development of God-given talents


ositive Role Models Who:

· Demonstrate leadership qualities

· Strive to maintain a healthy balance spiritually, emotionally, socially, aesthetically and intellectually


utstanding Citizens Who:

· Appreciate, respect and protect the environment

· Uphold the laws of God and country

trong and Sensitive Youths Who:

· Commit themselves to healthy living

· Stand for justice and truth



Outstanding Christians who love God’s creation

Builders of faith who always watch their actions

Informed individuals who utilize technology

Self directed persons who demonstrate leadership qualities



Positive role models

Outstanding citizens

Strong and sensitive youths



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