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Sisters of Mercy

In keeping with the philosophy of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Agana, based on the belief that Christian Education is to be integrated into the patterns of human life, Bishop Baumgartner Memorial Catholic School is committed to the total Christian Formation of its students.

Complementing the role of parents as the primary educators of their children, the school seeks to enhance and enrich the students’ learning experiences. The school promotes academic excellence and moral development within the context of Gospel living.

Through their teaching, living example, and interaction with the students, teachers serve as the role models and facilitators of learning while providing a positive Christian environment for growth.

Bishop Baumgartner Memorial Catholic School believes in the centrality of God in life. Programs of study integrate the spirit of St. Francis and Venerable Catherine McAuley in the practical application of love and service so that students will continue actively in the larger community.

Recognizing the student body’s multi-cultural diversity, programs of study are designed to promote wholistic experiences which respect their religions, traditions, customs, languages, and other cultural heritages.

In the Christian spirit of cooperation, freedom, and respect for their diversity, the students are prepared to use their gifts to help bring to reality communities of peace and justice in the world.

Venerable Sister Catherine McAuley

Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy Order

My God, I am yours for time and eternity.  Teach me to cast myself entirely into the arms   of your loving providence with the most lively, unlimited confidence in your compassionate, tender pity.  Grant me, O most merciful redeemer, that whatever you ordain or permit may be acceptable to me.

  Take from my heart all painful anxiety; suffer nothing to sadden me but sin, nothing to delight me but the hope of coming to the possession of You, my god and my all in your    everlasting kingdom.  Amen.

Prayer of Catherine McAuley